Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Obama Speech: Carefully Crafted Same Old Same Old

Based on what I'm reading about tonight's speech it sounds like more of the same. If you read the Wall Street article below carefully, basically it says Obama wants the public option, but he's OK if they have something else in there... I would guess that this speech tonight is going to command one of his biggest audiences ever. He started out being pretty good at walking down the middle, trying to placate both sides of issues. Now people know that's what he does so they parse his words more critically. He isn't going to be able to get away with skating that curvy path any longer.

Obama to Endorse Public Plan in Speech

President Barack Obama, in a high-stakes speech Wednesday to Congress and the nation, will press for a government-run insurance option in a proposed overhaul of the U.S. health-care system that has divided lawmakers and voters for months.

White House officials say the president will detail what he wants in the health-care overhaul, as well as say he is open to better ideas on a government plan if lawmakers have them.

Democratic plans call for requiring most Americans to carry health insurance. Failure to comply could cost families as much as $3,800 a year, according to a new Senate proposal.


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