Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Air Fare Tacky Tack Ons

Have you been noticing all the alleged great one way sales for the airlines? You can just about fly across the entire great land of America for under $100 and you can get to Florida for around $40. That is, until you sign on the dotted line.

This air fare is supposed to be such a great price. Well, what about all the tacky add ons? First, each bag checked will cost between $15-25 each. There's another charge if you call them on the telephone to ask for help. That little add on runs about $15 per person.

And then, of course, "fares shown do not include Airport Passenger Facility Charges of up to $18. The September 11th security fee of up to $10 is not included. Fares do not include segment taxes of $3.60 per segment."

So, the printed sale price for ticket I was looking at is not $39 one way. It could run as much as $126 one way.

Those tacky add ons make the sale not so good after all.

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