Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Comedians in a twist...

Have you noticed the lack of jokes about our soon-to-be new President, Barack Obama? I've been watching and my little ears perk up every time I hear Obama mentioned in a joke. Inevitably, the joke isn't about Obama, they're just using him in the joke to contrast the boob they're tackling.

What's going to happen over the next four years? What are our late-night talk show hosts going to joke about in the Obama administration?

Democrats are pretty much off-limits unless they've been dumped in the dirt-bag trashcan by their fellow Dems.

With Barack being worshipped by so many it's virtually impossible for him to be treated fairly by the humor circuit. Toss in the race issue and you have a hurdle virtually impossible for comedians to conquer.

I wonder what the next four years will bring... George Bush will be gone. Ditto Dick Cheney. The Democrats will be in control. Sarah Palin is still fair game it seems, even though she's not in the national limelight. It's going to be interesting to see if the "Fairness Doctrine" will apply in late-night comedy! Will they crack jokes about Obama? Will David Letterman do the Presidential bits with Obama instead of Bush?

My guess is they'll shy away from Obama jokes. The outcry from the left will have them off the air if they're not careful with their comedy.

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adagioforstrings said...

Even though Republicans are no longer in power, comedians will still attack them. Democrats are promoting their agenda by any & all means necessary.